How it works?

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Here are the ways you can choose to earn some side hustle, even if you have just a few hours every week to spare:

  1. 🎁Review on amazon or walmart - What you can get:

        100% rebate + 5usd commission for photo review/10usd commission for

        video review

    2. 🎁Rating on amazon - What you can get:

        100% rebate

    3. 🎁Upload a video to amazon - What you can get:

        10usd commission

        We got the video already, all you need to do is to click that upload button.

     4. 🎁Refer a friend - What you can get:

        If you dont want to do any of the above, but still would like to refer to

        friends who might need this - once they reviewed an item, you will get a

        10usd bonus. 

      (We can pay upfront if you're referred by people who we have worked with. )