Q:How this product test thing works?

A: Read this article: https://www.iwantone.club/pages/how-it-works

Q:What can I get? Is this legit?

A: Read this article:https://www.iwantone.club/pages/what-you-can-get

Q:Is this legit?

A: See our chat history with our happy members: https://www.iwantone.club/pages/happy-members-see-what-they-say-about-iwantoneclub

Q: Why do you need my paypal email? I dont have a paypal account.

A: We need to send the payment to your paypal email before you place the order, without a paypal email we are unable to pay upfront. If you dont have an paypal account, there are two options:

-If you want to be paid before placing the order, a paypal account is a must.  You need to register one or use someone else's to receive the money.

-If you accept refund after review, we can refund with giftcard sometimes. If   you are an experienced tester, which means you have done this many times.You will know that seller usually pay when your review is alive on amazon. Not many sellers can pay upfront like we do.  Refund after review is what people usually do in this kind of collab.

Q: I dont know how to order on amazon with paypal. Can you help?

A: Amazon doesn't let you pay with PayPal when making purchases. However, there are a few ways to make it happen.

-You can transfer PayPal funds to your bank account

-You can use the PayPal Cash Card or PayPal Key to make purchases on Amazon.

-You can also use PayPal to buy an Amazon gift card, and then make purchases on Amazon. 

-If you accept refund after review, we can refund with amazon giftcard. If you are experienced in being a product tester, you will know refund after review is usually how it works. If you are new to this, just go with prepaid items, you will only need to place an order after received the payment from us. 

Q: Can I get the product without reviewing it?

A: We are paying upfront and offer commission to get product reviews, so a review is required. But if you are US tester, sometimes we have items that needs rating or even purchase only, but still, most of the items need review.

Q: I cant choose country/region when checkout.

A: This means you are trying to place an order on this website. The order need to be placed on amazon/walmart/otto since the review need to be written on those platforms instead of on this website.

Q:Can I test multiple items?

A: It depends.

-If its on amazon, for one account, we can pay upfront for 1 item only. Some items are marked with " Refund after review" After you have reviewed the first item which we paid upfront for, you can still choose refund after review items. But if you want items marked with "Pay upfront", you need to get a new amazon account, maybe use your family or friend's.

-If its on walmart, its the same like amazon. But for US testers, you can test one with your amazon account and one with your walmart account. That will be two "Paid upfront" items.

-If its on otto, its the same like on amazon, 1 free item only. 

Q: I have registered a paypal account, but it says the money is pending. I dont want to place an order before I received the money, what should I do? 

A: It happens if your paypal account is new or you dont use it very frequently. And its normal so please dont worry about it. We just need to wait a few days and you will receive the money, and then you can place the order. 

Q: I would like to work with you but I couldnt find an item which I would like to get. Do you have more products?

A: All items that are available are listed on the website, and we update constantly. So if you dont like anything from the website now, please save it and check from time to time. Feel free to reach out whenever you find something you like. 

Q: Why do you want to see my amazon/walmart/otto profile name?

A: We need to know which review is written by you when it shows on product page. And then if its photo/video review, we pay extra commission.

Q: When should I leave the review?

A: After you received it, please wait for at least 5 days and then leave a review. It will take a few hours to days before it shows on the product page. After it shows, please send me a screenshot, if its photo/video review, we will send the commission.

Q: Where do I leave the review?

-Go to the product detail page for the item. If you've placed an order for the item, you can also go to Your Orders.
-Click Write a customer review in the Customer Reviews section.
-Select a Star Rating.
-Add text, photos, or videos and click Submit.

Q: I've sent a message on messenger but i got no reply. 

Facebook page is unstable sometimes. When we dont reply in 24 hours, we will reply with an 📧 icon to your message. That means we have sent you an email. Please check your folder if you dont receive it. Email address edm@vip-bestservice.com.
Q:Is this a scam?
This is a question we get asked sometimes by new website visitors.
Think about this:
1. What can we get by offering giveaway to you? -- Your review. 
2. Does it take anything from you? -- No, except for the time you spent to write the review. 
3. Do we take money from you -- No and we pay upfront to make sure its 100% risk free for you. No scammers will send money upfront. And we even pay extra commission for photo/video review.
So its as simple as it is
- If you dont mind giving ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐review for something you get for free, then lets collab, we only pick premium quality products and list on our website. -If you dont feel comfortable about it, then please reply "STOP" to unsubscribe. Hope this can help you decide whether you want to be a product tester or not.